Alex MacCormick

Where to start with Alex MacCormick?

mccormickAn artist, writer, publisher! So many categories that we could put her in but we choose art.

Alex was born in London and grew up in Notting Hill. Her father was the renowned television playwright Ian MacCormick, the first playwright to be contracted by the BBC when ITV was being introduced and her mother, not to be outdone was a successful architect.

The family moved to Somerset then settled in Surrey,After reading French and English at Lancaster University where she also enrolled at Guildford Art School and later Chelsea School of Art, Alex pursued a career in book publishing in London.

After various positions, Alex became Senior Commissioning Editor of general non-fiction at Weidenfeld & Nicholson.

During this time she was involved in publishing books from such luminaries as Henry Kissinger, Laurence Olivier and Franco Zefirelli.

In the 1990s she left to become a freelance author and to spend more time pursuing her love of painting.

Alex has six published books including David Blunkett’s autobiography but always comes back to her landscape painting.

An artist obviously influenced by the flowing lines and sensuality of Matisse, Alex paints with a gouache base and then builds the painting as she sees it.

The use of color is expressive and shows a leaning to the palette of Kandinsky which can be seen in the occasional move towards abstraction.

Alex travels and paints the landscapes she sees.From Crete to Thailand to Provence. A chance visit (a friend had to cancel so she took the place) brought her to Roujan and after looking for a while she moved there permanently in 2003.

Alexandra MacCormick has now been a professional painter for over 16 years and still talks passionately about the ‘sparkling light, luminous colours and sensuous contours of the Mediterranean’.

Alex has exhibited in London, Bangkok and the Languedoc and is in private collections on four continents.